How To Get Fluxus Executor Key & Verify It on PC, Mobile (Complete Procedure)

You need to enter the Fluxus Executor Key into the exploit and verify it otherwise, the exploit won’t work. This is a common practise for the users who uses the Fluxus Free Version. In case if you are using the fluxus premium version, you can simply ignore this post without any doubt because you won’t have to go through the key system.

We recommend all the users who are using the free version of the executor to follow this guide. In order to get the key, you have to download the setup and install it on your pc or android device. If you haven’t downloaded it, visit our Download Page and get your copy and install it.

The Easiest Way To Get Fluxus Key From

The method that we are going to show you now is completely safe and the official method. Before going to follow the instructions shared below, make sure that you have successfully installed the executor on your pc / mobile.

  • Launch the executor on your device (android / pc). You can locate the application on your phone’s screen or pc’s desktop location.
  • Tap “Get Key” button to copy the Fluxus Key Link to clipboard.
  • Open a web browser on your device (pc or mobile).
  • Paste the key link that was copied from the executor’s interface on your device.
  • You browser will load the contents from the official website (
  • Solve the captcha and prove that you are a human.
  • That page will now redirect you to the fluxus key linkvertise page.
  • Scroll down a bit and tap “Free Access With Ads”.
free access for fluxus mobile key
  • Linkvertise will now show you some articles and you have to tap the “X” mark at the top right corner of the popup to close the window.
  • Tap “Free Access” button now.
  • The browser will now take you to the fluxus website and back to linkvertise website.
proceed to the 2nd step of fluxus key
  • Scroll down now and hit “Free Access With Ads” button.
  • Once you are done with the 2nd step, it will take you back to the official website and provide you the Fluxus Executor Key.
fluxus executor key official
  • Tap “Copy Key” button to copy the key that you have got from the official website through the

How To Verify Fluxus Key on Android / PC (Windows or Linux)

It’s time to verify the key that you have got. Check out the steps and some important information about the key system.

  • Go back to the phone’s home screen or desktop location on your pc.
  • Launch the executor and paste it there.
  • Paste the key in the box and hit “Check Key” button.
check for the valid key
  • Fluxus will now check the entered key.
  • If the key is valid and not expired, it will load the executor’s interface as shown in the below image.
fluxus key verified

Now, you can copy and paste the scripts from anywhere and execute them for all your favorite roblox games. Kindly note that the fluxus exploit key that you have entered is valid for certain time only. Whenever it asks you for the key, you can follow the same method and boom! you will get a new key.